About Us

Sigma Gamma Tau is the nationally renowned honor society for Aerospace Engineering. It seeks to identify and recognize achievements and excellend of individuals in the Aerospace field. The collegiate chapters of Sigma Gamma Tau semiannually elect to offer membership to those students, alumni, and professionals who, by concientious attention to their studies or professional duties, uphold the high standards for the betterment of their profession.

Our Purpose

The objectives of Sigma Gamma Tau, as stated in the preamble of the society's national constitution, are: "to recognize and honor those individuals in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics who have, through scholarship, integrity, and outstanding achievement, been a credit to their profession. The society seeks to foster a high standard of ethics and professional practice and create a spirit of loyalty and fellowship, particularly among students of Aerospace Engineering."

A Brief History

Sigma Gamma Tau was founded on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, on February 28, 1953, “to offer appropriate recognition to persons of superior scholarship, outstanding character, and professional achievement in the field of Aeronautical Engineering.” The new society was formed through the merger of two existing societies, Tau Omega, founded in 1927 at the University of Oklahoma, and Gamma Alpha Rho, founded in 1945 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The name of the society was selected by combining the Greek letter Sigma, indicating sum, with the initial letters of the parent organizations, Gamma and Tau. Since its modest beginnings in 1953, the society has grown from 14 to 50 collegiate chapters and from 1,900 to 21,000 initiated members.


Board Office Hours

Corporate Info

The Michigan Chapter of SGT takes pride in its ability to provide professional development opportunities to its members. Throughout the fall and winter semesters we host a variety of events geared towards connecting our members with leaders in the field Aerospace Engineering. For most of these events, we invite companies of all sizes to interact with our members. In the past we have partnered with companies to hold events such as:

  • Information Sessions
  • Networking Sessions
  • Resume Critiques
  • Coffee Chats

We hope to continue to build meaningful relationships with companies interested in interacting with our diverse group of students. To set up one of the events listed above please contact our current External Vice President, Catherine Philpott, at sgt-evp@umich.edu.

Member Resumes

President: Torrence Gue

Torrence Gue is a senior from Chicago, IL, and is the current president of Sigma Gamma Tau. His favorite part about SGT is creating new ways for people to come together. Torrence is interested in both space and aircraft applications within the field and plans to pursue a career in propulsion and structural engineering. Outside of SGT, Torrence is interested in action filming, photography, and PC gaming. A fun fact about Torrence is that he has a twin brother that attends UW, and they know a set of twin sisters that attend U of M and UW as well!

External Vice President: Catherine Philpott

Catherine Philpott is a senior from Denver, CO. She is SGT’s current Internal Vice President and is also active within our aerospace community as WAA’s President. In addition to her degree in aerospace engineering, Catherine is also pursuing a minor in computer science and would like to pursue a career in the software side of aerospace. A fun fact about Catherine is that she loves to ski!

Internal Vice President: Rachel Byrum

Rachel Byrum is a senior from South Lyon, MI studying a dual degree in Aerospace Engineering and Film, Television, and Media. She loves meeting new people within SGT and hopes to pursue Analysis and Testing in the aerospace industry. When not fulfilling her Internal Vice President role, Rachel can often be found painting, reading, shopping, or traveling. A fun fact about Rachel is that she has never had a brain freeze!

Treasurer: Emily O'Connell

Emily is a junior from Orlando, FL, and is our current Treasurer. Since initiating in the Fall of 2019, her favorite part about SGT has been the friendships she’s formed with other members. Outside of SGT, she is WAA’s Internal Vice President and Michigan Vertical Flight Technology’s Operations Lead. She is interested in systems engineering for both space and aircraft applications and is currently completing a Systems Engineering co-op at Collins Aerospace in their Avionics Business Unit. Outside of class, Emily enjoys spending time with friends, reading, meeting new people, and exploring new places.

Academic Chair: Munseok Paul Jeong

Munseok Paul Jeong is a junior from Grand Rapids, MI serving as the Academic Chair for Sigma Gamma Tau. He is also involved in AIAA and M-Fly and plans to pursue a career in propulsion or structures in military aircraft. His favorite part of SGT stems from the connections with people within the aerospace department, and one fun fact is that he has ended up on UMich’s barstool account.

Outreach Chair: Abby Stautberg

Abby Stautberg is a junior from Cincinnati, OH and is our current Outreach Chair. Abby’s favorite part about SGT is meeting new people in the aerospace department. Outside of SGT, Abby is involved in WAA, SWE, works as a research assistant in a planetary science lab. She is also interested in working in the systems engineering and mission design sector of the aerospace industry. A fun fact about Abby is that she is 60/40 vegan!

Initiates Chair: Sara Casaletto

Sara Casaletto is a senior from Barrington, IL, and serves as our current Initiates Chair. Sara is very passionate about space systems engineering, and her favorite part about SGT is meeting new people, especially freshmen and sophomores. Outside of SGT, Sara enjoys reading, going on walks and hikes, and meeting new people. Sara also strongly dislikes drinking cold or lukewarm water - it must be hot.

Fundraising Chair: Avi Kumar

Avi Kumar is a senior from Saline, MI pursuing a minor in computer science, and he is our current Fundraising Chair. His favorite part about SGT is the social events, especially Pinball Pete’s. Outside of SGT, Avi is involved in MFly and enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and doing puzzles. Within the aerospace industry, Avi is most interested in electric propulsion and spacecraft controls. A fun fact about Avi is that he once hitched a ride on the flatbed of a tow truck through Arkansas for 50 miles on the highway.

Social Chair: Brian Sandor

Brian Sandor, a senior from Yorkville, IL, is the current president of Sigma Gamma Tau. He is also the current Propulsion Lead for Michigan Vertical Flight Technology. In addition to his aerospace degree, Brian is pursuing a minor in materials science. Within the industry, he is interested in aerodynamics and propulsion. His favorite part of SGT is getting to know new members and a fun fact is that he is “AMAZING” at Mario Kart on Gamecube.

Social Chair: Sergio Ramirez Sabogal

Sergio Ramirez Sabogal is a senior from Bogota, Columbia, and is one of our Social Chairs this semester. Sergio’s favorite part of SGT is the amazing community of students and alumni coming together to create opportunities for all involved to succeed personally, academically, and socially. Within the industry, Sergio is interested in pursuing a career in space systems development. Outside of SGT, Sergip is the Operations Advisor for MVFT, the Treasurer of Michigan Archery, and involved with SHPE. A fun fact about Sergio is that he has lived in 4 countries, 4 states, and 9 cities.

Webmaster: Donovan Jewell

Donovan Jewell is a junior from Rockford, MI, and is pursuing a minor in computer science in addition to his aerospace degree. Donovan is one of our current Webmasters, and his favorite part of SGT is meeting new people within the aerospace department. Donovan hopes to pursue a career in aerodynamics or controls within the industry. Outside of SGT, Donovan serves as the Publicity Manager for the Michigan Men’s Glee Club and he enjoys board games, card games, and puzzles. A fun fact about Donovan is that he once went whitewater rafting during a severe thunderstorm!

Webmaster: Delenn Bauer

Delenn Bauer is a sophomore from Ann Arbor, MI, and is one of our current Webmasters. She is double majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science, as well as pursuing the International Minor for Engineers as a part of EGL. Delenn has a passion for learning anything new, and finds everything having to do with space exploration to be fascinating. Outside of SGT, she serves as the Outreach Chair for AIAA, SEDS, and CLAWS, as well as being involved with WAA. Her favorite part of SGT is getting to know the people within the Aerospace Department and hearing about their experiences.

Secretary: Sanomi Croos-Dabrera

Sanomi Croos-Dabrera is a junior from Ann Arbor, MI, and serves as our current Secretary. She is also pursuing a minor in electrical engineering! Sanomi loves SGT because she is able to get to know the Aero community better and attend many social events. Within the industry, Sanomi is most interested in controls or propulsion. Outside of SGT, Sanomi is involved with Michigan A Cappella, Phi Sigma Rho, WAA, and AIAA. A fun fact about Sanomi is that she used to have a pet hedgehog!

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